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Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny is a key part of any local authority. Scrutiny Committee meets generally to review the delivery of services as a result of previous council decisions, the performance of existing policies and strategies and the submission of performance indicators, and recommend appropriate courses of action to the Council or Cabinet. The Committee is not confined to looking only at Council services. It can investigate the actions of other companies and organisations whose actions affect Eastbourne residents.

Scrutiny functions were created as a result of the Local Government Act 2000. Lewes District Council has one Scrutiny Committee which consists of eleven Councillors who are not on Cabinet; Eastbourne Borough Council has one Scrutiny Committee which consists of seven or eight Councillors who are not on Cabinet to influence decisions and ensure the views and needs of local people are taken into account. This enables non-executive members to influence   decisions and ensure the views and needs of local people are taken into account. In simple terms Scrutiny Committees are in place to ensure that the Council's policies, plans, decisions and actions are being made in the community’s best interest.   It's about being a 'critical friend'.

Getting involved

You can get involved with the work the Scrutiny Committee undertakes. Take a look at the current reviews below, and let us know if you want to get involved by giving us your views.

You can also suggest topics for the Scrutiny Committee to examine. Contact your local councillor, a Scrutiny Committee member or use the contact details above. 

All Scrutiny Committee meetings are public, so you can also come along and listen to the debate. 

Scrutiny reviews

At present, Councillors are examining setting the Work programme for 2017/2018 and more detail will follow shortly

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