Written Statement - Contents

Chapter One

Setting the Scene for the Local Plan

Chapter Two

Information about the Format & Progress of the Local Plan

Chapter Three

Strategy of the District Wide Local Plan

Chapter Four Environmental Principles

Infrastructure provision (ST1)
General Infrastructure (ST2)
Design, Form and Setting of Development (ST3, ST4)
Access for People with Limited Mobility (ST5, ST6)
External Lighting (ST7)
Crime Prevention and Design (ST8)
Natural Features and Habitats and their protection (ST9, ST10)
Landscaping of Development (ST11, ST12)
Noise and Development (ST13)
Water Supply (ST14)
Flood Risk and Coastal Erosion (ST15-ST17)
Coastal Defence and Flood Protection (ST18, ST19)
Recycling and Re-use of Materials (ST20, ST21)
Derelict or Contaminated Land (ST22-ST24)
Pylons and Overhead Lines (ST25)
Satellite Dishes (ST26,ST27)
Advertisements (ST28,ST29)
Protection of Air and Land Quality (ST30)
Renewable Energy (ST31)

Chapter Five Residential Development

District Housing Land Strategy (RES1)
First Phase of Residential Development (RES2)
Second Phase of Residential Development (RES3)
Density of Residential Development (RES4)
Unidentified Residential Sites (RES5)
Residential Development in the Countryside (RES6)
Residential Conversions in the Countryside (RES7)
Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside (RES8)
Affordable Housing (RES9)
Affordable Homes Exception Sites (ie outside Planning Boundary) (RES10)
Housing for People with Limited Mobility (RES11, RES12)
Extensions (RES13)
Extensions in the Countryside (RES14)
Special Needs (RES15)
Residential Conversions within the Planning Boundary (RES16, RES17)
Garages and other Buildings Ancillary to Existing Dwellings (RES18)
Provision of Outdoor Playing Space (RES19)
Provision of Educational Facilities (RES20)
Provision for Gypsies (RES21)
Travelling Show People (RES22)

Chapter Six Economic Activity

Planning for Employment (E1)
Working from Home (E2)
Town and Local Centres and Retail Development (E3-E5)
New Retail Development on the Edge of Town Centres (E6)
Out of Centre Retail Development (E7)
Neighbourhood Shops / Public Houses (E8)
Re-Use of Rural Buildings (E9)
Tourism General Strategy(E10)
Hotels, Guest Houses and other Services Accommodation (E11 - E13)
Bunk House Accommodation (E14)
Existing Camping/Touring Caravan Sites (E15)
New Camping/Touring Caravan Sites (E16)
New Camping/Touring Caravan Sites (E17)
New Camping/Touring Caravan Sites (E18)
Static Holiday Caravan Sites (E19)

Chapter Seven The Coast & Countryside Environment

Planning Boundary and Key Countryside (CT1)
Landscaping Conservation and Enhancement (CT2, CT3)
Protection of Agricultural Land (CT4)
Institutional Sites (CT5)
Coastal policies (CT6, CT7)
Heritage Coast (CT8)

Chapter Eight The Historic Environment

Stewardship of the Historic Development (H1)
Listed Buildings (H2)
Buildings of Local, Visual or Historic Interest (H3)
Conservation Areas (H4)
Development within or affecting Conservation Areas (H5)
Commercial Activities and Conservation (H6)
Traffic in Conservation Areas (H7, H8)
Archaeological Sites (H9-H11)
Areas of Established Character (H12)
Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest (H13)
Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest (H14)

Chapter Nine Recreation & Community Services

Provision of Sport, Recreation and Play (RE1)
Existing Recreational Open Space (RE2)
Indoor Recreational Facilities (RE3)
New Recreational and Leisure Development in the Countryside (RE4)
Public Rights of Way (RE5)
Lewes/Sheffield Park Railway Line (RE6)
Recreation and the Rivers (RE7)
Equestrian and Related Activities (RE8)
Allotments (RE9)
Community Infrastructure (RE10)

Chapter Ten Transport & Communications

Travel Demand Management (T1)
Buses (T2)
Rail (T3)
The Lewes/Uckfield Railway (T4)
Transport and Accessibility in the Rural Area (T5)
Provision for Cyclists (T6, T7)
Pedestrian Routes and Traffic Calming (T8-T10)
Roads in new Development (T11, T12)
Vehicle Parking (T13, T14)
Parking for People with Limited Mobility (T15)
Telecommunications (T16)

Chapter Eleven Lewes

(Inset Map 1)

Lewes House Site (LW1)
Land at Clayhill Nurseries (LW2)
Malling Brooks Business Area (LW3 - LW5)
Land south of Pinwell Road (LW6)
The Eastgate Area (LW7)
The Townscape (LW8)
Lewes Battlefield (LW9)
Access to the River Ouse (LW10)
The Green Core (LW11)
Bus Station (LW12)
Cliffe High Street (LW13)
Bear Yard (LW14)

Chapter 12 Newhaven & South Heighton

(Inset Map 2 and 2a)

Court Farm Road (NH1)
Downland Park (NH2)
Castle Hill (NH3)
South of Valley Road (NH4)
West Quay (NH5)
Land at The Marina (NH6)
North East of Kings Avenue (NH7)
West of Meeching Quarry (NH8)
Denton Island (NH9)
Eastside Business Area (NH10)
River Ouse Estuary (NH11)
Lorry Facilities/Park (NH12)
Pedestrian Precinct (NH13)
Castle Hill, The Promenade/West Beach (NH14-NH16)
Avis Road Outdoor Sports Facilities (NH17)
Lewes Road Recreation and Camping Area (NH18)
Primary School Site (NH19)
Upgrading and Expansion of The Port (NH20)
Railway Quay (NH21)
Transport Links to the Port (NH22)
East Quay (NH23)
North Quay (NH24)

Chapter 13 Peacehaven & Telscombe

(Inset Map 3)

The A259 South Coast Road (PT1)
Land East and West of Peacehaven Sports Park (PT2)
Intensification and Infilling (PT3)
Telscombe Cliffs Way (PT4)
Business Development (PT5)
Meridian and Bolney Avenue Industrial Estates Link (PT6)
South Coast Road (PT7)
Meridian Centre (PT8, PT9)
Access and Permeability at the Meridian Centre (PT10)
The Joff Youth Club (PT11)
The Coasts, Cliff top and Foreshore (PT12, PT13)
Coast Protection Works and Access to the Beach (PT14)
Telscombe Tye and Telscombe Village (PT15)
Outdoor Sports Provision (PT16)
Informal Public Open Space (PT17)
Allotments (PT18)
The Valley Road Area (PT19)
The Valley Road Area (PT20)
The Valley Road Area (PT21)
Neighbourhood Centres (PT22)
Primary School (PT23)

Chapter 14 Seaford (including Bishopstone)

(Inset Map 4)

Land North of Cradle Hill (SF1)
Land North of Belvedere Gardens (SF2)
Land East of Kammond Avenue (SF3)
Land East of Saxon Lane (SF4)
Land at Blatchington Road (SF5)
Former Micklefield School (SF6)
Station Approach (SF7)
Cradle Hill Industrial Estate (SF8)
Footpath to Church Lane (SF9)
Car Parking (SF10)
Bishopstone Conservation Area (SF11)
Land north of Alfriston Road (SF12)
Land at The Brickfield (SF13)
The Seafront (SF14 - SF16)

Chapter 15 Barcombe

(Inset Map 5a and 5b)

Recreational Facilities (BA1)

Chapter 16 Beddingham & Glynde

(Inset Map 6)

Industrial development at Balcombe Pit (BG1)

Chapter 17 Chailey

(Inset Maps 7a-7f)

Chailey Brickworks (CH1)
New Heritage (CH2)

Chapter 18 Ditchling

(Inset Map 8a-8d)

No site specific policies

Chapter 19 East Chiltington

(Inset Map 9)

No site specific policies

Chapter 20 Falmer

(Inset Map 10)

University of Sussex (FL1)

Chapter 21 Firle

(Inset Map 11)

No site specific policies

Chapter 22 Hamsey & St John Without

(Inset Maps 12a-12d)

Hamsey Brickworks (HY1)

Chapter 23 Iford

(Inset Map 13)

No site specific policies

Chapter 24 Kingston & St Ann Without

(Inset Map 14)

No site specific policies

Chapter 25 Newick

(Inset Map 15)

Extension to the Playing Field (NW1)
Woodgate Dairy (NW2)

Chapter 26 Piddinghoe

(Inset Map 2)

Recreational Use at Piddinghoe Pond (PH1)

Chapter 27 Plumpton

(Inset Map 16)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 28 Ringmer

(Inset Maps 17a-17c)

Caburn Field (RG1)
Land adjacent to telephone exchange (RG2)
Land adjacent to Ringmer Community College (RG3)
Community/Recreation Area, The Broyle (RG4)

Chapter 29 Rodmell

(Inset Map 18)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 30 Southease

(Inset Map 19)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 31 Streat

(Inset Map 20)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 32 Tarring Neville

(Inset Map 21)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 33 Westmeston

(Inset Map 22)

No site specific policies.

Chapter 34 Wivelsfield

(Inset Maps 23a-23d)

Land at Theobald Road (WV1)


Appendix 1

District-wide Policies

Appendix 2

Buildings of Local, Visual or Historic Interest

Appendix 3

Inventory of Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest