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Council enforcement on Hampden Park garden jungle

A resident in Hampden Park who ignored a council order to tackle a 'horrendously overgrown' garden, has been hit with a charge on their house of nearly £3,000 after council action was taken to clear the eyesore.

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The property in Park Avenue was the subject of complaints from neighbours and despite the homeowner promising that the garden would be cleared within three months, nothing was done. 

Eastbourne Borough Council contractors had to cut through bushes to access the garden before starting the two-day clearance operation.

Councillor Colin Swansborough, Cabinet Member for Place Services, said: "Taking enforcement action is a last resort, but those who ignore the advice of our officers should be in no doubt that we will take direct action if needed.

"Quite understandably some residents in Park Avenue wanted this horrendously overgrown garden jungle cut back.

"I'm all for giving wildlife a home and allowing the grass to grow and hedgerows to flourish, but this was beyond any reasonable interpretation of that approach to gardening."

The charge on the house was made to cover the costs of the clearance work and will be recovered when the property is sold.

Published on January 3, 2023