Data retention, storage and disposal

Records and information are vital to the effective operation of the council. Records are the basis on which decisions are made, services provided and policies developed. A record can be on paper, digital or a physical object.

The councils are required to retain certain data, usually for a specified amount of time. However, we should not retain data (especially personal data) for longer than we need it. Retaining data too long can be unlawful, expose us to risk as well as be a cost to the council.

The Data Retention, Storage and Disposal Policy sets out the councils’ guiding principles on data management, reflecting the legal and commercial framework in which we operate.  The Retention and Disposal Schedule lists the types of record or information the councils hold and how long we should keep them. It will help you understand retention periods for different categories of personal data.

Items In This Category

Retention and disposal schedule

Unique IDService NameRecords DescriptionService ID
1236Corporate - insuranceAll records relating to insurance claims made against the Council by officers/third parties1657
1237Corporate - insuranceAll records relating to insurance claims made by the Council against third parties1657
1238Corporate - insuranceAll records relating to the payment of insurance premiums1657
1239Corporate - insuranceAll records relating to the registration of insurance claims1657
124Fair rents inspectionAll records relating to fair rents inspections149
1240Corporate - insuranceAll records relating to valuations for insurance claims1657
1241Corporate - insuranceEmployer's Liability Insurance Policy1657
1242Corporate - insuranceInsurance Policies taken out by the Council1657
1243Facilities - managementAll records relating to facilities management services provided to local authorities1658
1244Facilities - managementAll records relating to the management of service level agreements for buildings owned by local...1658