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Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Council sea defence repairs 'crucial' for Peacehaven

Work to repair sections of the sea defences in Peacehaven have been described as 'crucial' to the long-term challenge created by 'rising sea levels and storm surges'.

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Councillors recently visited the underpass in Peacehaven to see how the repairs to seals in the sea wall are progressing.   

The underpass and sea wall are nearly 50 years old and while generally in sound condition, the seals between the huge blocks of concrete are more susceptible to the impact of winter storms.

Councillor Chris Collier, Cabinet Member for Performance and People, said: "This work is crucial and without doubt some of the most essential and important infrastructure maintenance the council is delivering in the district.

"While these defences continue to do a brilliant job, their age means that repairs and replacements are needed from time to time.

"This is not only good news for the local community in Peacehaven, but also for the thousands of people who enjoy walking along the underpass and savouring this stunning coastal landscape."

The increased frequency and ferocity of storms that hit the UK are another consequence of climate change and mean that the challenge of coastal erosion is greater than ever.

Councillor Matthew Bird, Cabinet Member for Sustainability, said: "Rising sea levels and storm surges are putting our coastline under huge pressure. 

"It is yet another stark consequence of climate change and why we must all redouble our efforts to live sustainably and in harmony with the natural world, rather than against it.

"Lewes District Council is working across a wide range of projects and initiatives with communities and key partners to reduce carbon emissions and progress climate resilience."

First published: 17/10/2022