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Wheelie bins

Changes to bin collections days from 4 March and new refuse wheelie bins in Lewes district

Advice to XL Bully owners who have failed to register exemption

There are no means of now registering and exempting your dog if you have missed the deadline.

In essence if persons have not registered their dog they can call 101 or go to a Police front office and provide their details which will be collated.

The police will be in contact in due course and they are being advised:

that by keeping their dog they are committing an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

If they chose to keep their dog they need to conform to the rules of having a banned dog:

  • It must be muzzled
  • It must be walked on a lead
  • It must be microchipped
  • It must be neutered

If they are stopped with their dog by the police there will be a possibility the dog is seized and criminal proceedings undertaken.