Bank holiday bin collections

There will be no refuse or food waste collections in Lewes district on Good Friday 10 April or Easter Monday 13 April. Recycling and garden waste collections will take place according to your collections calendar, if you need a replacement you can download your recycling calendar or garden waste calendar. 

Please always put your bin out at the edge of your property by 6am on the day of collection (unless you have an assisted collection).

If your bin is not collected on the day shown below, please leave it out for collection the following day.

Normal collection day Revised collection day
 Monday 6 April  Monday 7 April
 Tuesday 7 April  Monday 7 April
 Wednesday 8 April  Tuesday 7 April
 Thursday 9 April  Wednesday 8 April
 Good Friday 10 April  Thursday 9 April
 Normal collection day   Revised collection day
 Easter Monday 13 April  Tuesday 14 April
 Tuesday 14 April  Wednesday 15 April
 Wednesday 15 April  Thursday 16 April
 Thursday 16 April  Friday 17 April
 Friday 17 April  Saturday 18 April
If you live in Eastbourne, your refuse and recycling collections will take place according to your usual collection calendar.