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Changes to bin collection in Eastbourne from 12 April 2021

From Monday 12 April 2021 refuse (rubbish) bin collections in Eastbourne will move from weekly to fortnightly. Recycling bin collections will stay as they are and collections for many properties with large shared bins will stay the same.

The days of the week that you put your bins out will stay the same. 

You can find out when your bin collection days are on our website. You can also download your collection calendar for the rest of this year.

When are my bin collection days?

Download your new collection calendar

Why are we making these changes?

We are making these changes to boost recycling and reduce carbon emissions in Eastbourne.

The government recycling target for local authorities in 2020 was 50%, the current rate in Eastbourne is 35% - evidence shows that in many towns where councils collect on an alternate weekly basis - one week refuse, one week recycling - residents recycle more of their household rubbish.

Having declared a climate emergency and committed to becoming carbon net zero by 2030, the council also wants to reduce the emissions from bin lorry journeys around the town and improve air quality.

There is clear evidence that residents living in towns where councils collect fortnightly, recycle much more.

Download Easy Read information about the changes

Download an audio file about the changes

What can I recycle?

You can find out what you can put in any of your bins here:

What can I put in my bins?

Help putting your bins out

If you find putting your bin out hard we can help. Just ask us for an 'assisted collection' and the team will collect your bin from where you usually keep it.

Request an assisted collection

Frequently asked questions 

Do other local authorities collect bins in this way?

The system of alternate weekly waste collections has now been taken up by over 80% of local authorities in the UK and has helped to increase recycling in all these areas. 

What if I have too much recycling to fit in my green bin? 

If you squash your recycling as much as possible and you still frequently run out of space in your green bin, you can request an additional one.

Request an extra recycling bin  

I already fill up my refuse bin, how will I manage with extra waste? 

An East Sussex County Council survey of bins shows that over 25% per cent of the rubbish in our general waste bins could have been recycled. Recycling more will help reduce the amount of non-recyclable rubbish in the general waste bin. If certain circumstances residents can request a larger refuse bin. 

We have had more people asking for an extra refuse bins or for a larger bin. The experience of other councils in East Sussex which have changed to fortnightly refuse collections has been that most residents are able to manage with their existing bins. You are able to request an addition or larger refuse bin but we are asking residents to see how they get on with their existing bins for a few weeks to check whether they really need the extra bins space first before placing a bin request.

Our household produces a lot of nappies - what can I do about the extra waste and smell?

Please put all used nappies in a sealed bag, such as a nappy sack, before putting them in your rubbish bin. You can also consider using modern re-useable nappies, more information is available from the “Go Real!” real nappy information service at 

My household generates a lot of food waste, what can I do to avoid smells? 

More than 60% of the food thrown away in the UK is from buying, cooking, or preparing more than we need and could be avoided. This means that many of us can cut down our waste at the same time as saving money on our shopping. For lots of useful ideas on minimising food waste, portion planning, and recipes for leftovers, take a look at the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign website 

Are you going to offer separate collections of food waste? 

The Environment Bill indicates that food waste collections may be required in future, and we are waiting for the outcome of government consultations (expected in 2022), as well as government guidance and funding availability. 

Will my council tax change because of changes to waste collections? 

Your council tax pays for a range of services including Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, East Sussex County Council (social care and children's services). Eastbourne Borough Council receives 12% of your council tax to pay for services such as support for the homeless and help for the most vulnerable in the community. A small proportion of this goes towards waste collections and the changes to collections would not mean any change to your council tax bill. 

If I forget to put my bin out will I have to wait two weeks for my next collection? 

If you forget to present your bin and you don't have enough room to wait for your next collection, you can take excess rubbish to the Household Waste Recycling Site on St Philips Avenue. 

How do I report a missed collection? 

Please report a missed collection online:

Report a missed bin

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