Service announcement

We are experiencing intermittent delays with online forms, My Account and Eastbourne's planning applications. We are investigating the issue and apologise for any inconvenience.

Environment First

From 1 July 2019 the Eastbourne waste service moved from Kier to a local authority controlled company, South East Environmental Services Limited (SEESL). This will operate under the name Environment First. 

The mission of Environment First will be to help Eastbourne waste less and recycle more. It will prioritise being a more environmentally friendly service through elements such as reducing road miles, tipping at closer locations, having a greater focus on recycling and providing enhanced street cleansing.

By bringing the service in-house we will have more control meaning we can concentrate on reducing the number of missed bins, improving training and management of waste operatives. We will also have closer working with our customer service team to resolve customer's issues.

Customers should not experience any disruption to their services during this change over. As soon as the transition is complete we will start looking at how the services can be improved.

Your collection days will not change, but if they do we will let you know with plenty of notice.

Changes to glass recycling

From 1 July Eastbourne residents can put glass in their main recycling wheelie bin. The existing glass boxes can be kept for use in your home, garden or garage, or can be dropped off at the household waste recycling centre in St Philip’s Avenue.

Changes to Tetra Pak collection

From 1 July, Tetra Pak cartons will not be included in the kerbside recycling by any council in East Sussex, including Eastbourne.  

Usually containing long-life milk or fruit juice, Tetra Paks are generally made up of between four and six layers of different material which are difficult to separate and cannot be sorted in a standard recycling facility. They make up less than 1% of UK waste.

The only facility for recycling Tetra Paks is in Yorkshire. Separating and transporting all Tetra Paks so far would not be an environmentally friendly option. From 28 June, please put all Tetra Paks in your rubbish bin rather than your recycling bin.