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Household recycling collection service

All residents are encouraged to recycle as much of their waste as possible. The service varies across the region, so choose your local council below to find out how recycling is collected in your area.

  • The recycling rate for Lewes district in 201718 was 33.03%.

All residents are encouraged to participate in both our fortnightly kerbside recycling service and our weekly food waste collection service.

Join our kerbside recycling service

Complete this online form to request your recycling bin and collection.

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You will receive a single wheelie bin for all your paper, cans, plastics, cardboard and glass

  • The recycling rate for Eastbourne in 2017/18 was 38.28%.

We collect recycling from your doorstep every other week. We will automatically collect your recycling you don’t need to register for recycling collections. 

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