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Roads in Lewes which will not automatically get a recycling wheelie bin

In April 2018 we will deliver a recycling wheelie bin to all suitable properties in Lewes and Ringmer. 

A number of roads in Lewes have properties without enough frontage to store a recycling wheelie bin. We will not automatically deliver a wheelie bin to homes on these roads, which are listed below. 

If you live on one of these roads and you are able to store a wheelie bin away from the pavement please contact us to request a wheelie bin. Please be aware that your wheelie bin would need to be left out for collection on the pavement – our operatives are not able to move bins from behind walls or up or down steps.

If you can’t store a wheelie bin you are welcome request additional boxes or bags for your mixed recycling.

Roads that will not automatically receive recycling wheelie bins 

  • Abinger Place
  • Albion Street
  • Castel Gate
  • Castle Banks
  • Castle Ditch Lane
  • Castle Precincts
  • Castle Rise
  • Castle Terrace
  • Chapel Hill
  • Church Row
  • Cleve Terrace
  • Cliffe High Street (in part)
  • De Montfort Road
  • De Montfort Terrace
  • Dorset Road
  • Earls Garden
  • East Street
  • Eastgate Street
  • Eastport Lane
  • Elm Grove
  • Fishers Street
  • Foundry Lane
  • Friars Mews - Pinwell Road
  • Friars Walk
  • Garden Street
  • Grange Road (in part)
  • Irelands Lane
  • Keere Street
  • Lancaster Street
  • Lansdown Place
  • Little East Street
  • Malling Street
  • Market lane
  • Market Street
  • Morris Road
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Mount Street
  • New Road (in part)
  • Paddock Road
  • Parts of the High Street
  • Pipe Passage
  • Priory Crescent
  • Priory Street
  • South Street (in part)
  • Southover High Street
  • Spital Road
  • Spring Gardens
  • St James Street
  • St John Street
  • St Johns Terrace
  • St Nicholas Lane
  • St Peters Place
  • Styles Field
  • Sun Street
  • Talbot Terace
  • Timberyard Cottages
  • Thomas Street
  • The Course
  • Toronto Terrace
  • Valence Road
  • Walwers Lane
  • Watergate Lane
  • Waterloo Place
  • Wellhouse Place
  • Wellington Street
  • West Street
  • Western Road
  • Westgate Street
  • White Hill

More information about the new Lewes district recycling service is available here:

  • The new Lewes district recycling service