Financial support for fishing businesses

The government has announced that eligible fishing and aquaculture businesses in England will receive direct cash grants through a fisheries support scheme delivered by the Marine Management Organisation(MMO).  

The support scheme will run for up to three months and is designed to help businesses with their fixed costs such as insurance, equipment hire and port costs.

The main features of the scheme are:

  • For the catching sector, the fund will be open to under-24m vessel owners with fishing licences registered in England who recorded sales of £10,000 or more in 2019.
  • Grants will be made to help cover fixed business costs. For the catching sector this will be calculated from the average business costs for the size of the vessel, as surveyed by the industry annually.
  • Details of the eligibility criteria, including the criteria for the aquaculture sector and support for local projects, will be announced in due course by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).
  • Registered owners and licence holders who are identified as eligible will be contacted directly by MMO and provided with application guidance. Contact from MMO will be staggered from Monday April 20 through to early May.

  • Payments will be made for up to three months.

The MMO will administer the fund and pay grants targeted at those most in need. 


MMO will continue to make payments on existing grants and process outstanding applications to the Maritime and Fisheries Fund within the agreed timescale. 

More information can be found at financial support for England’s fishing businesses