Eastbourne Faiths Forum

The Eastbourne Faiths Forum is about sharing news and views, listening and raising understanding in a respectful and open environment.
Eastbourne’s Faith Forum had its first meeting in January 2008. It was established to provide a platform for faith communities to share their views and to work together on common interests and concerns. Since its inception membership has grown and a lot of trust has built up between the faiths represented. 

Aim and purpose of the forum

The forum has an agreed aim and purpose as follows:
Aim: The Eastbourne Faiths Forum is a resource to enable different faith communities to explore what interfaith may look like in the Eastbourne area.
Our core aims are:

  • To build and maintain good relationships based on mutual respect
  • To encourage better understanding of each other’s faith
  • To provide a forum for discussing matters of mutual concern and to provide a voice to express common concerns as and when appropriate
  • To provide a forum that enables other bodies to consult with the different faith communities in our area
  • To organise appropriate interfaith activities

The Faiths Forum respects and values the faith of the other person; hence it does not seek to find a common denominator on which all agree, nor to convert the other person to another faith within the Forum.
Our core aims are our main purpose but we also help to:

  1. Raise awareness among statutory and voluntary organisations in regard to how engaging with faith communities can help to break down barriers within society and improve services across the town 
  2. Strengthen Eastbourne Borough Council’s equality work and to specifically monitor progress against actions set out in the Council’s Equality Scheme and evaluate the outcomes
  3. Share information and highlight good practice 


Forum members consist of representatives from: a variety of Christian churches; Eastbourne Mosque; the Eastbourne Orthodox Jewish Congregation and Liberal Jewish Community; Paganism; Christian Scientists; Quakers; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Buddhism; Seventh-day Adventists and Humanist Society. Information is also shared with other religions and beliefs represented in the town, who are not able to send a representative along to meetings.

You do not need to have specific religious or faith beliefs to join us - everyone is welcome!

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