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Consultation on Eastbourne Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2022-2027

In Spring 2022 we invited comments on the draft Rough Sleeping and Homelessness Strategy for Eastbourne. 

The draft strategy was produced in response to the findings of a review of homelessness in the borough, which took place in November 2021. This review set out the local operating context, analysed the level of demand for homelessness services, and assessed the operation of the support and financial resources in place dedicated to addressing homelessness and its causes.

The final section of the review proposed a series of strategic responses that set out to focus on; preventing homelessness occurring; intervening effectively where homelessness has already occurred; and promoting sustainable solutions to delivering housing options and support services.

The responses to the consultation were positive, and we have used the comments received to help shape the draft strategy, on which we are now seeking your views.  

This consultation is being undertaken in line with the requirements set out in the Homelessness Act 2002, which places a legal responsibility on local authorities to carry out a review of homelessness in their district, then publish a revised homelessness strategy every five years. 

Summary of strategy contents

The opening sections provide a definition of homelessness, present a summary of the national and local operating context, outline the strategic fit to the Eastbourne Borough Corporate Plan, and provide a summary of the review findings and responses.  The key sections of the strategy introduce nine objectives, based around the three core themes as follows:


  • Quality housing needs & standards services - dedicated to effective advice, holistic and informed assessment. 
  • Preventative casework – working alongside partners, to stop those seeking help from becoming homeless.
  • Targeted preventions for the most vulnerable groups – through the provision of agreed pathways into support.
  • Strategic activities - that seek to identify issues that drive homelessness across the Borough and apply remedies to reduce it.                      


  • Tackling rough sleeping –  continue supporting the county-wide approach to reducing harm and addressing associated multiple, complex needs.
  • Partnership working - maximise the effectiveness of joint working and pathways for at risk groups. 
  • Temporary housing – provide a good quality, safe, secure, value-for-money accommodation portfolio and reduce the use of emergency placements.

Sustainable solutions

  • Re-housing - establish a range of sustainable housing and move-on options for rough sleepers, vulnerable and homeless households.
  • Support - deliver effective support services to help households maintain accommodation once housed.

An accompanying delivery plans sets outcomes and a timeline for a series of actions associated with each objective, the contents of which will be reviewed each year to check that it reflects current challenges.  

Download the strategy