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Lewes District Homelessness Strategy Review

We have begun the process of revising Lewes District’s Homelessness Strategy. As part of the first stage of this process we have undertaken a review in order to establish the:

  • Current levels of homelessness across Lewes district
  • Support available to prevent homelessness and those experiencing it
  • Level of resources available locally to tackle homelessness

The review and accompanying consultation are being undertaken in-line with the requirements set out in the Homelessness Act 2002, which places a legal responsibility on local authorities to carry out a review of homelessness in their district and publish a revised homelessness strategy every five years. The review will help shape the councils next strategy by; understanding the demand for homelessness and housing advice services; finding out what currently works well, (as well as what works less well); and by identifying gaps in the current provision of support and services.  

Local statutory and voluntary partners have been asked for their experiences as this review has been undertaken and they will continue to be engaged as the new strategy is drafted.

The review provides a summary of the national and local operating context, sets out progress against the existing homelessness strategy objectives, examines how services are operating and how they are currently resourced. 

The last section of the review provides a summary of the findings and puts forward a number of suggested goals and themes that might be useful in shaping the next strategy.  It sets out three key goals, namely, to prevent, relieve and put in place sustainable responses to address homelessness.  The public, partners and agencies are invited to comment on these, along with the wider contents of the review.

Please send comments to  

The consultation closes on the 9 August 2021.

Download the draft Lewes District Council Homelessness Review 2021