Cabinet rubber stamps £250k to help tackle cost of living crisis

Councillors at Eastbourne Borough Council have given the green light to a £250,000 emergency cost of living fund.

Some £20,000 has already been paid out to the Eastbourne Foodbank to ensure the availability of food for those in immediate need. 

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “Many people across the UK, including Eastbourne, are in very real and urgent need. 

“We cannot solve this crisis on our own but by committing this new funding it will help alleviate some of the hardship local people are facing.

“Let us not forget that with even greater increases in energy costs in the autumn, household bills will increase to levels that are unprecedented and deeply worrying for us all.”

It was also agreed to consult Councillor Josh Babarinde, the council’s cost of living champion, on the on-going distribution of the money, along with other stakeholders involved in supporting those in most need in Eastbourne.

Howard Wardle, Chief Executive of Eastbourne Foodbank, said: “With the cost of living taking a hold on family finances, Eastbourne Foodbank is currently facing extreme food shortages as the demand for assistance increases.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of Eastbourne Borough Council in providing a first grant of £20,000 to enable us to purchase food stock to meet the demand, which has this year seen a 78% increase compared to last year.

“The grant will enable us to provide three days food to approximately 1,000 people. Later this year the increases in gas and electricity prices will further increase pressure on our services.”