Council submits £26.5m bid to government for heritage funding

Redoubt Fortress

Eastbourne Borough Council has submitted a £26.5 million funding bid to the government that if successful, would support the renovation of the Bandstand and Redoubt Fortress.

The bid is part of the government’s levelling-up programme and crucially for Eastbourne, the latest round of funding is focused on cultural and heritage projects.

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said:

“We have submitted an excellent bid that I hope the government will support in full.

“Eastbourne is fortunate in having many more heritage buildings than most councils, but by their very nature they come with a large maintenance bill. 

“These buildings are appreciated by residents and visitors alike and should be preserved for future generations , but it is unrealistic to expect the full cost of their upkeep to be borne solely by local council taxpayers.”

The council is currently spending £750,000 on phase one repairs that will see the Bandstand reopened next year.

Councillor Helen Burton, Cabinet Member for Heritage Assets, said:

“We used to receive a £10 million annual grant to pay for public services in Eastbourne, but the government stopped that funding.  Despite this we are still spending £750,000 on Bandstand repairs and I hope the government will recognise this major commitment when it makes a decision on our bid.”