Councillors give green light to community funding requests

Defibrillator at Green Street Clinic

A number of community projects in need of funding have been given the green light by local councillors.

In Hampden Park, Councillors Pat Hearn, Colin Swansborough and Jim Murray agreed to give £2,500 towards a computer project at Parklands Infant and Junior Academies, through the devolved budget. They also signed off an application for £2,000 to help with the refurbishment of the community centre at St Peter’s Church in The Hydneye.

St Anthony’s ward councillors David Tutt, Gill Mattock and Dean Sabri gave the thumbs up to a £1,000 request for essential repairs and installation of Wi-Fi at St Richard’s Church in Priory Road. In a separate application, CCTV can now be installed at Langney Village Hall in Etchingham Road, thanks to a successful bid for £900.

In Langney ward, the team at Meadows Nursery in Rotherfield Avenue asked for £1,250 to pay for a defibrillator and cabinet. Councillors Harun Miah, Alan Shuttleworth and Troy Tester agreed.

Councillors John Ungar, Janet Coles and Jonathan Dow were approached to help fund four new trees at a cost of £1,000 in Old Town. The planting is expected to be in Victoria Drive around the Green Street and Broomfield Street area. The councillors also agreed to pay for new mini goal posts at Old Town Rec to the tune of £2,143.

In Upperton ward, Weavers Close Residents Association applied for £240 to buy solar lights for the estate. Councillors Sammy Choudhury, Pat Rodohan and Margaret Robinson were in favour.

Councillors Kathy Ballard, Barry Taylor and Robert Smart, who represent Meads ward, agreed to purchase a notice board for the Friends of Meads Parks and Gardens which will be installed in Helen Gardens at a cost of £1,170. They also paid £1,930 for heavy duty bunting to promote the traders in Little Chelsea.

In Devonshire ward, Community Stuff applied to Councillors Stephen Holt, Margaret Bannister and Steve Wallis for £300 towards the cost of printing a foodbank cookbook to encourage people struggling on low incomes to plan and cook nourishing meals on a budget. In addition, the town centre management team requested £288 towards Easter-Bourne, an initiative to promote the town centre. As part of this, there will be an Easter Bunny Hunt with prizes for participants.

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said: “The devolved budget is a fantastic scheme which gives community groups an opportunity to apply for funding. Local councillors have helped numerous projects over the years, from funding life-saving defibrillators to an archaeological dig at Motcombe Gardens, and from musical instruments and science equipment in a school, to helping promote local events.”

Published on 14 March, 2019