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Councillors support local community through devolved budget

Eastbourne ward councillors have been helping local good causes through the devolved budget.

In Devonshire Ward, councillors Stephen Holt, Margaret Bannister and Steve Wallis have agreed to help fund Chinese New Year celebrations in February. A £2,500 grant will help pay for equipment for the event, including Chinese dragons, lions and flags.

Councillors Alan Shuttleworth, Md. Harun Miah and Troy Tester in Langney have paid £200 towards the purchase of a safety banner to be displayed outside Shinewater Primary School in Milfoil Drive. Despite the zig zag markings where a high volume of young children cross, some drivers still stop there illegally. It is hoped that the banner will reinforce the safety message and act as a deterrent to drivers.

A community arts project linked with Shinewater Primary School has also received a boost of £180. Fenya Sharkey from Compass Community Arts runs a weekly session at Shinewater Court, also in Milfoil Drive. The group asked for picture frames to display paintings and artwork.

In Hampden Park, the Friends of the Earth group approached councillors Pat Hearn, Jim Murray and Colin Swansborough with a request for £112 to pay for ‘no idling’ signs for the level crossing. The aim is to raise awareness of the need to turn engines off to reduce pollution in the level crossing area.

Upperton councillors Margaret Robinson, Pat Rodohan and Sammy Choudhury accepted an application from Eastbourne Bowling Club to pay for a new storage unit. It is hoped that the £2,000 grant will offer improved services at the Saffrons Road club.

Finally, Eastbourne Volunteers received a £1,500 boost from Meads councillors Robert Smart, Barry Taylor and Kathy Ballard to help towards increasing the space and facilities at the Mark Lane community hub. As well as its main office for information on volunteering opportunities, there is now also a social space next door.

Published on 16 November, 2018