Crematorium support for You Raise Me Up charity

Donation to You Raise Me Up charity from Eastbourne Crematorium

A local charity that supports families who have suffered the loss of a young person has benefited from a £12,000 donation. 

You Raise Me Up is the latest charity to benefit from a metal recycling scheme, which has so far seen Eastbourne Crematorium donate £99,000 to good causes.

Based in East Sussex and supporting families from East & West Sussex and Kent, the charity was founded by the late Jane Brooks and her husband Fraser in June 2011. The charity’s sole purpose is to raise funds to support families that have suffered the loss of a young person aged 16-25 years.

On 3rd May 2011, Fraser and Jane’s beautiful daughter Megan Brooks collapsed and died suddenly. As parents of Megan, they found themselves in desperate need of comfort from those that had experienced the same loss to see how they had coped and got through such a terrible time.

Councillor Alan Shuttleworth, Cabinet Member for Direct Assistant Services, said: “A bereavement of any sort is deeply painful, but when it is a young person that sense of loss and pain is even more acute.

“You Raise Me Up is a charity that provides the compassion and support that is needed during these incredibly difficult times.”

Eastbourne Crematorium is a member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) national metals recycling scheme. 

Following a cremation, the cremated remains may contain metals from orthopaedic implants such as hip or knee replacement joints as well as items from the construction of the coffin. 

When a bereaved family gives consent, these metals are recycled by the ICCM with proceeds shared between its members to donate to a charity of their choice.