Garden is blooming marvellous thanks to Ratton pupils and councillors

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Image of Cllr Belsey (far right) with delighted residents from Woodcroft Drive
Cllr Belsey with delighted residents from Woodcroft Drive

Ward councillors have teamed up with Ratton School pupils to create a new garden for local residents to enjoy.

Ratton councillors Colin Belsey, Tony Freebody and Colin Murdoch gave a £400 grant from the devolved budget to pay for the replanting of an old rose garden which had fallen into disrepair in Woodcroft Drive, which runs alongside the school.

A group of students worked hard digging and planting the beds and will keep an eye on the garden in future. 

Councillor Belsey visited the site to see the students hard at work, while local residents also went along to see if they could lend a hand.

Councillor Belsey said: “I’m very impressed at the hard work of all the students who took part in this wonderful garden project. It’s now a much tidier area with benches for local people to sit on. Residents have agreed to do their bit as well and will water the plants and help where they can in the future. It’s a lovely spot and everyone is welcome to visit it.”

Ward councillors are given £10,000 which can only be spent on community projects. Visit to find out the name of your local councillor. 

Published 26 July 2019