Juice and milk cartons cannot be recycled

Residents are reminded they can no longer place Tetrapak cartons into their green bin because they cannot be recycled.

These cartons are most commonly used for juice or long-life milk and are made of between four and six different materials including paper, two types of plastic and aluminium.

Due to sensitivities in the market, Tetrapaks are now categorised as ‘contaminants’ and cannot be processed for recycling.

If these cartons are mixed in with recycling, they can now cause whole loads to be rejected.

There is only one dedicated plant in the UK, near Halifax, which can process this type of material but the carbon footprint of transporting it to Yorkshire from the south coast is so high that there is very little environmental value in doing this.

There is currently no viable method for the council to recycle Tetrapaks so people are advised to avoid buying them if they wish to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Anyone with a Tetrapak carton should dispose of it inside their black wheelie bin.

This advice is in line with our neighbouring councils. All East Sussex residents are being informed that these cartons are no longer recyclable.