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Local councillors support Friends of Motcombe Gardens

The Friends of Motcombe Gardens has applied to ward councillors to help fund improvements in the popular community area.

A £500 grant from the devolved budget has been spent on the planting of new Prunus and Liquid Amber trees.

Chris Searle, Chair of the Friends of Motcombe Gardens, said: “Following generous support from Old Town Ward Councillors Amanda Morris, Jonathan Dow and Peter Diplock, the Friends of Motcombe Gardens recently planted some trees in the gardens. They are a great addition to this hidden gem in Old Town.”

Councillor Morris said: “Motcombe Gardens is a wonderful community asset and we were pleased to support the Friends group with funding. We’re very aware of the importance of trees and while we are losing some around the area to disease, we continue to plant more to help combat this.”

The devolved budget is money set aside to help community causes. Please contact your local ward councillor for more information, or to make an application.

Published on 3 March, 2020