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New trees for Greenfield Road

Two new trees have been planted in Greenfield Road after local councillors agreed to match fund money donated by residents.

Old Town ward councillors Peter Diplock, Jonathan Dow and Amanda Morris were approached for a £250 grant from the devolved budget funding stream, which is ring-fenced for community projects.

The trees are Crataegus monogyna Stricta, a tough and durable hawthorn which grows upwards, making it good for smaller spaces. They are situated either side of Greenfield Road, near the junction with Green Street, and replace old trees which were removed due to disease.

Councillor Diplock said: “The residents of Greenfield Road have formed a very proactive community group and are passionate about their environment, holding regular weeding sessions so that chemical sprays do not have to be used.

“I commend these residents and if they can inspire people in a few more local streets to do a similar thing, then that would be great.

“We feel that our involvement ties in well with the plan for a greener Eastbourne and are also committing funds to planting more trees as part of our wider carbon neutral plan,” Councillor Diplock said.

The councillors have also helped to pay for the planting of bulbs in tree stumps around the area from their own pockets. If there’s no cavity to plant bulbs in, some stumps have been turned into bug hotels instead.

To request funding for your community project, please contact your local ward councillor.

Published on 4 February, 2020