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Residents celebrate end of four year art project

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Image of Residents showing off their mosaics
Residents show off their completed mosaics

Residents at Winchester House are celebrating the completion of a four year art project which was funded by Eastbourne Homes’ Hampden Park & Willingdon Trees Area Panel.

Compass Community Arts Project Director Fenya Sharkey oversaw the impressive mosaic project at the sheltered housing in Holly Place, Hampden Park.

Each mosaic panel represents one of the four seasons in a different area in and around Eastbourne. There is the Long Man of Wilmington in the spring, the Dotto Train linking Winchester House to the seafront in the summer, Hampden Park in autumn and the rough seas under Beachy Head in the winter.

A special event was held to mark the end of the project and was attended by Winchester House residents and their families, Stephen Lloyd MP, Fenya, local councillors, members of the Area Panel and Eastbourne Homes staff.

Carol Carpenter, who is a resident of Winchester House and a member of the Area Panel, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank the Area Panel for the donation so we could start this new and exciting venture. Secondly, I want to thank Fenya for her guidance, help and so much patience, which made it so enjoyable. It is something that is going to stay with us for many years to come.”

The completed works of art will now be mounted around the garden of Winchester House for everyone to enjoy. The idea for the project was suggested by Sue Day, a resident at Winchester House, after she took part in another community mosaic project.

Fenya Sharkey said: “There is a bonding experience and an immense sense of achievement, working with other people to make a piece of public artwork that could last for a hundred years or more. The idea was for residents to create a design to represent their new home and provide a focus for meeting, befriending and building a cohesive and supportive community. 

“Community building takes weeks and as we have witnessed over the four years, community is fluid, inconsistent and full of flux. We’ve warmly welcomed people from 4 years to 84 years who have dropped by to check on our progress.”

Published 18 December 2018