Seafront floral displays hit by Covid-19

Carpet Gardens

Eastbourne's famous Carpet Gardens will be affected by the Covid-19 crisis with suppliers unable to provide plants for floral displays there this summer.

As the centrepiece of the town's elegant seafront, Eastbourne Borough Council uses around 45,000 bedding plants every summer to create beautiful geometric patterns with a "carpet bedding" technique first established by the Victorians.

Due to the pandemic, suppliers  have not been able to grow the plants as this work was considered non-essential under government guidance, and many staff were sent home.

Councillor Jonathan Dow, Cabinet member for Climate Change, said: "These award-winning flower displays are a great source of pride for our town and year-upon-year people come to see the vibrant creations here.

"Whilst it is disappointing not to have our trademark Carpet Gardens to grace the seafront this summer, we will be using this opportunity to control a weed called Oxalis which has been prevalent in the beds for the last few years."

The weed will be allowed to grow for a time so that it can be then be dug out with the aim of permanently eliminating it.

Councillor Dow added: "We very much look forward to the return of our stunning Carpet Gardens displays next year for residents and visitors alike to enjoy."