Statement on GMB Union strike - Monday 10 January 2022

The GMB Union has again today (10/01/22) blockaded our Courtlands Road depot.  

This is the third time representatives of the GMB Union from outside Eastbourne have stood in front of our vehicles, stopping our staff from collecting refuse from local homes.

We are working with Sussex Police and adhering to their guidance on dealing with the GMB Union blockade.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week our staff will be catching up with refuse collections.  Residents should put their refuse bins out for collection.  Recycling will not be collected at this time.

It is important to make clear that only 19 out of 88 staff are on strike and the staff driving the refuse vehicles today are fully qualified and authorised to do so. Any suggestion otherwise by the GMB Union is false.

Last week the GMB Union rejected a 7% pay rise offer, they are demanding 25%.  It is worth noting that the government pay rise offer to nurses is 3%.

When the council took over the service in 2019 all staff received a 4% increase in pay.  In 2020 pay was increased again, this time by 2.75%.  

Additionally, there is a national pay award negotiation underway and the current offer is 1.75%.  

Annual leave was also increased to 25 days for all staff.  Previously, many staff only received 20 days holiday. 

To find out about  changes to bin collections over the coming days