Statement on University of Brighton decision regarding Eastbourne campus

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said: "I am extremely disappointed that the University of Brighton is going ahead with the closure of its Eastbourne campus, having made strong objections to this plan during the consultation process.

"This means all three of its sites – Hillbrow, which includes the sports centre, Darley Road and Leaf Hospital – will shut by the start of the 2024/2025 academic year.

"The university will have no physical presence in Eastbourne beyond this time and that represents a massive blow to the town.

"Not only has the Eastbourne campus attracted students here, bringing economic benefits such as the money they spend locally and employment for staff, losing these sites will result in a loss of sports and health facilities for residents.

"Following this decision by the University of Brighton, we will be proactively engaging with other universities to encourage them to establish a campus in Eastbourne.

"There are so many benefits for a university to locate in our wonderful seaside town and we are very keen to welcome a new third-level education organisation here, with all the accompanying advantages that brings for residents and businesses."