Strike update - statement from Eastbourne Borough Council

In response to the latest statement (6/1/22) from the GMB Union, we think it important to clarify the financial demands they are making.

The GMB Union is demanding a 25% increase in pay for drivers. We have offered a 7% rise for drivers and a 3% rise for other SEESL staff. When the council took the service over in 2019 all staff received a 4% increase in pay. In 2020 pay was increased again, this time by 2.75%. Additionally there is a national pay award negotiation underway and the current offer is 1.75%.

Annual leave was also increased to 25 days for all staff. Previously many staff only received 20 days holiday.

With the above in mind, we believe this latest offer of a 7% increase for drivers and 3% for all other SEESL staff is very generous and hope it will be accepted.