Treebourne provide kits to help children grow greener future

Children across Eastbourne are being invited to get involved in a project to create themselves a greener future by growing trees from seeds.

Treebourne, a local tree-planting charity, in partnership with the Lottbridge Golf Club, are launching their 2022 Seeds4Kids kits for school classes and youth groups.

Their kit provides everything a class or group of children would require to identify trees, collect their seeds, watch them germinate and grow until they are ready to plant out.

The kit also includes a guide to help teachers or youth leaders through the process.  Any schools and youth groups can apply for as many kits as they want by visiting the Treebourne website and completing a short application form.

The kits are free - the scheme is being funded by the Lottbridge Golf Club. 

"We want to get children involved in nature and understand the importance of trees to the environment, and we are so pleased to be able to support Treebourne in organising this," said Ray Cruttenden, owner of Lottbridge Golf Club and project founder. 

Treebourne are also liaising with the Queen's Green Canopy (QGC) project.

"This is a superb project celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by planting trees. East Sussex's designated QGC area is between Butts Brow and Black Robin Farm," said Jules Woodward, who works with Treebourne and has been managing the project.

"With our pack, each child can raise up to 12 trees, to plant on school grounds, at home, or give to friends and family. Treebourne can help them plant remaining trees on the QGC area, or throughout Eastbourne as part of the myriad other projects Treebourne has across the town."

Treebourne are working to reduce pollution, combat climate change and improve the health of local people by planting 100,000 trees in and around Eastbourne over a decade.