Warning for dog owners using the downland around Beachy Head

Beachy Head West Carpark

Dog owners who walk their pets on the downland around Beachy Head are advised to exercise caution after rat poison was found in a roadside car park.

Council officers were alerted to suspicious looking pellets that are now confirmed as rat poison.  They were spread on the ground at the Beachy Head West Car Park where the tarmac meets the downland.

Our Neighbourhood First and Environment First teams cleared the pellets at first light on Monday morning.  Subsequently, a second batch of pellets were discovered in the same car park later on Monday.  

Council officers cleared these and carried out checks at other nearby parking areas but did not find any more pellets.

Sussex Police have been informed.

Council officers are undertaking regular checks of the car parks in the vicinity of Beachy Head and have been advising people to remain alert.  

If you are worried that your dog may have come into contact with these pellets, you should call your vet immediately.

If you find any suspicious looking substances on the downland around Beachy Head, please contact us