Radon is a natural radioactive gas present in all parts of the country.

You cannot see, hear, feel or taste radon. It comes from the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. The gas disperses outdoors so levels are generally very low.

Further information on radon is available on the radon information pages on the Public Health England website.

What should I do if I am concerned about radon?

Public Health England conducts radon surveys for government departments, local councils, other organisations and private householders.

Small radon detectors are sent directly to householders by post and returned at the end of a three month period. Radon causes invisible damage to the plastic inside the detector. This damage can be measured and used to calculate the radon level.

How can radon levels be reduced?

Radon levels in your property can be reduced by a number of simple building works. Visit the Public Health England website and the Radon Council for further information.

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