Port health authority fees and charges

Food safety premises endorsement for export (PEE) certificate

You should always make sure you read our guidelines before making your application.

The cost of this certificate is £234.00. 

You can pay online through our website as part of your application. If this is your first application, you will be asked to register for My Account.

Apply for a PEE certificate now

Export health certificate endorsed by the local authority

You should make your application through the APHA web portal on gov.uk. Read our guidance first on how to apply and what happens with your application after APHA have forwarded it to us.

The cost of this certificate is £248.00. Payment will be requested by invoice.

Official seals

Read about official seals and the advantages of obtaining one from us. They are available, where we have endorsed an export health certificate or you have obtained an APHA export health certificate.

The cost of an official seal is £81.50 plus VAT

Import fees and charges

You can download our full fees and charges relating to imports below.

Note: as Government policy develops, any legislative changes required are made and further guidance is provided, we will upload further information of how our new Newhaven Border Control Post (BCP) will operate.

In the meantime you must continue to check www.gov.uk. You should also seek support from your import agent, professional advisor or trade association for updates and developments.

To prepare for using our services, email our dedicated Port Health office, porthealth@lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk. We will provide you with information on how to register for our service and invoicing facility.

Newhaven Port Health import fees and charges

Newhaven Port Health import fees and charges
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