How we process your export certificate application

When we receive the application form we will enter your request on our database so that we can process your application and collect your payment.  Our database is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations and will be held safely.  

Although local authority information can be requested by others under the Freedom of Information Regulations, applications for export health certificates would usually be considered as commercially sensitive and would not be disclosed.  

We do work with other agencies and your information may be shared with, or requested by others for the purposes of public safety and/or for crime prevention and detection.  

Food safety premises endorsement for export (PEE) or Local Authority-issued export certificates will be issued once official control checks are carried out on the consignment. 

Documentary checks

For Local Authority export health certificates we carry out:

  • documentary checks (from the documents provided with the application)
  • identity checks (where the consignment is examined) or 
  • physical (where the consignment is also subjected to additional checks including organoleptic tests, visual examination and/or sampling)

Please be aware that export health certificates cannot be issued once the product has left the manufacturing or distribution site here. However, we can issue a Food Safety Premises Endorsement for Export (PEE).

Charges and refunds

If you make an application to us and it is refused, the application fee will still be charged and no refund will be given. An example of this might be when the application should have been made to APHA.