Infectious diseases and food poisoning

Learn about the illnesses that are reported to us by law for possible investigation.

We investigate single cases and outbreaks of food poisoning. We also investigate certain other infectious illnesses reported to us by Public Health England, members of the public, GPs and hospitals.

During an investigation we will often contact the people affected by the infection to try to find the cause and to stop it spreading.

Depending what the infection is, we may contact the person either by phone, by writing to them or through a personal visit. We do this to try to;

  • find the source of the infection
  • make sure no-one else is affected or could be affected so that it won’t spread, and
  • see if it’s linked to a larger known outbreak or to a business, for example, a restaurant in the case of food poisoning 

What to do if you think you have food poisoning

If you suspect you are suffering from food poisoning, you should seek medical advice from your GP or contact NHS 111

Report suspected food poisoning

We consider complaints made to us about food premises, restaurant, catering businesses or shops in Eastbourne and the Lewes district. If you suspect you have food poisoning from one of these food businesses you:

Visit NHS Choices food poisoning pages for more information. You may also find the Food Standards Agency food safety advice useful.

The Health and Safety Executive has information on preventing ill health from animal contact at visitor attractions

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