Redecoration schemes

Both councils offer different schemes to help with the redecoration of your council property. More information about the specific schemes relevant to your local authority is available below.

You cannot apply for this scheme if you are an introductory or housing association tenant. The number of tenants we are able to assist each year depends upon sufficient money being available. Even though you may qualify, it could be some time before materials or work is provided.

Apply for internal redecoration

To make an application to the Internal Redecoration Scheme, please contact us.

To qualify for redecoration

  • You are able to apply for one room every two years      

  • You must have a clear rent account, or if in arrears have a maximum of £250.00 rent owing to the Council and be up to date with any agreement to repay arrears      

  • The room must be in need of redecoration (as determined by the council) or a period of four years has passed since the room was decorated      

  • You must be in receipt of either Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or be over 65 years of age      

  • You will have no family or close friends that are able to redecorate. (Anyone permanently residing at the property who is under 65 years of age and unable to do the works will need to provide proof that they are in receipt of DLA or PIP)      

To qualify for a supply of paint

  • One room can be applied for annually      

  • The supply of paint will not be given for the same room within a four year period      

  • You must have a clear rent account, or if in arrears have a maximum of £250.00 rent owing to the council and be up to date with any agreement to repay arrears      

  • You must be in receipt of Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or be over 65 years of age

Resident's Choice

If your block is due to have repairs and re-decorations carried out this year then you may have recently received a survey asking you to provide your preferred choice for certain items from a range of options.

  • internal wall paints
  • internal vinyl sheeting floorings
  • internal carpet tile floorings

You will need to complete the section at the bottom of your paper survey that shows the options available and return to Eastbourne Homes by the due date.

Resident Involvement Procedure

Where Eastbourne Homes Limited proposes to carry out major works to your block, a document called the ‘Resident Involvement Procedure’ will now be introduced. Further details will be provided on this procedure, and the plans included, at the time any works are proposed.

Block repair and redecoration programme

Leaseholders will now receive detailed scopes of work along with the usual annual service charge estimates in the year that the works are anticipated. The Section 20 procedure (as required under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985) remains unaltered and you can expect notices when works are due. These notices will give specific detail of both the works and the anticipated costs. It is at this stage that you can give your observations on the proposals. We have embarked on a programme to ensure that regular repairs and renewals are carried out to all flatted blocks on a 7 year cycle.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Firstly, it is more satisfactory and cost effective to plan repairs and renewals rather than reacting when things break down or go wrong. Regular repair and redecoration is proven to extend the life of building elements 
  • Secondly, a regularly repaired and redecorated property encourages a sense of pride and care among residents

The block repair and redecoration programme will address all main external and communal parts of the property but not the flats themselves. An assessment will be made on what repairs are necessary or imminent based on a set brief agreed for this programme.