Swapping your home

There are two ways of swapping your council owned property:


To transfer your council owned property to another property you must apply for housing by completing an online self-assessment form. We will not normally allow tenants to transfer if there are rent arrears, if you have caused damage to your property or if you have breached any other conditions of your tenancy.

Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is a swap of properties between two social housing tenants where both parties move on the same day. You can be a tenant from the Lewes district or Eastbourne Homes, another council or a Housing Association. Although landlords on both sides need to agree to the swap before you can go ahead. 

Exchanging your property is often a quicker option than transferring. This is because the move does not depend on a vacant property. It also gives some personal choice around the location of your new home.


To qualify to transfer you will need to be a secure tenant. We will not normally make offers of accommodation to transfer applicants in rent arrears or in breach of any other aspect of their tenancy. It is also subject to a satisfactory inspection of your home, this is to ensure you have maintained it and no unauthorised alterations have taken place. If your application is refused, you will be advised in writing within 15 working days explaining why.

Mutual exchange

To apply you must have a secure tenancy. You should check what your tenancy rights will be in a new home before you agree to a tenancy exchange as you may get different or fewer rights with your new tenancy.

Start Now

Finding a new home

We use Homeswapper to provide a mutual exchange facility. It lists other tenants wanting to move. You may also wish to advertise in local shops or magazines in the area you want to move to.

Once agreed, both parties are required to complete an application form. If the person you swap with has a different landlord you should ask them to supply their landlord consent form. We will need to check that your home has no unauthorised alterations and if repairs are needed. We may refuse the mutual exchange if the property is in a poor condition.


There is no longer a transfer waiting list. If you are a secure tenant you also have a right to exchange with another tenant, either secure or assured tenants, provided permission is sought by both landlords (however, tenants with introductory tenancies do not have this right).

Mutual exchange

If you are considering a mutual exchange then you should know that Eastbourne Homes will not normally accept responsibility for the general disrepair caused by the outgoing tenant, for example overgrown garden, poor decoration or dumped rubbish.You need to find somebody who has a suitable sized property who will swap with you. The website Homeswapper is for social housing tenants who want a mutual exchange. It includes swaps both within and out of Eastbourne.

Please be aware you cannot exchange your property without the prior consent from the council, contact us to have an application form sent out to you.

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