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Get involved in your neighbourhood in Lewes

The information below outlines the ways to get involved in your community if you are a Lewes tenant. For Eastbourne Homes tenants you can find out about ways to get involved in your community on the Area panels page.

We have eight tenants and residents associations (TRAs)  across the Lewes district council area. Most TRAs cover a local area and meet between four and 12 times a year. As well as discussing housing issues TRAs look at other local issues such as improving road safety, tackling anti-social behaviour and running community activities.

TRAs will consult with their local community via surveys and work with other agencies in order to achieve their goals. TRAs are encouraged to develop Action Plans to help them set achievable outcomes and to prioritise their activities.

Every three years we work with TRAs to develop a Tenant Participation Community Development Plan, setting out the main goals and aspirations for each TRA. To help TRAs in their day to day running we provide a TRA handbook with information on committee roles, access to services etc.

Find out more:

If you don’t have a local TRA in your area you can apply to become a Community Reporter. This would involve you taking photos of any local issues you come across and uploading details onto our Housing Facebook page. If the issues need investigating we will do that and report back on any action taken via our Facebook page. 

Tell us how we can improve the area you live in

Every year ‘Tenants Organisation of Lewes District’ (TOLD) has responsibility for a spending budget. This allows Lewes District Council tenants to suggest improvements to the communal gardens and green spaces owned by the council. 

You can make a suggestion to improve your area, either by:

  • Checking with your neighbours to make sure they support your idea, then submitting an online form
  • Discussing your idea with your local tenants and residents association who, if they agree, will submit the online form
  • Talking to your Neighbourhood First team, local Senior Caseworker (Area Housing Officer) or if you live in a sheltered scheme your Caseworker (Scheme Manager) and ask them to submit a bid

If you have a suggestion to improve your area, please complete our online application form. The form includes details of the types of projects that can be done:

Start now

Suggestions for small scale projects will be agreed by TOLD at their quarterly meetings and you will be notified of the outcome.

Suggestions for large scale projects will need to be investigated further by our repairs team. TOLD will discuss the project at their next quarterly meeting and you may be asked to attend a TOLD meeting to discuss your idea. You will then be notified of the outcome.

If you live in one of our sheltered schemes you can take part in meetings with housing staff every six months. These meetings are held in your communal lounge, or at the nearest meeting venue to you.  The meetings talk about any issues that affect your scheme. At the end of each meeting you can do a “walkabout” of the scheme with your Area Housing Officer to point out any areas of concern.  

To help you get involved we pay your costs, offer training, and provide access to services and assistance from Tenant Participation staff. Grants can be given to tenants and residents associations that hold a bank account. The grant is to cover running expenses such as

  • stationery

  • phone calls
  • refreshments for meetings
  • venue hire

If you would like to apply for a grant on behalf of your TRA please contact us.