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Get involved with housing decisions

You can get involved in housing decisions to help us improve our service in a variety of ways, from taking part in our conferences to filling out surveys.

Our 'Tenant Involvement Strategy 2019-2022' provides new ways for you to get involved, whether you have 5 minutes or lots of time to spare. It’s about how we listen to you through meaningful consultation and involvement and how what you tell us is used to shape the way that we provide housing services.

We hold an open event to which you are all invited. As well as a variety of speakers giving information on topical housing issues, we also run workshop sessions on your neighbourhood and offer an opportunity to be involved in decisions regarding spending the area capital budget.

Residents Voice is made up of representatives from the Area Panels, and meets every three months to share ideas and views from their neighbourhood meetings. Members of the senior housing management team attend and share updates to pass to the panels.  The group are also responsible for the organisation of the annual Sunday Fun day.

You are welcome to join our main tenant representative group called Tenants Organisation of Lewes District (TOLD). TOLD holds four meetings per year, to which all tenants are invited. 

TOLD has a working committee which consists of nine tenants, who are elected at their annual general meeting. TOLD committee meets monthly with our housing managers to discuss on-going housing issues. They will let you know about any changes to the housing service that may affect you, or ask for your opinions on any proposed major changes. 

To find out more about TOLD, please take a look at their website Tenants of Lewes District website (TOLD) 

We have a tenant scrutiny team to help us review and improve our housing service to you on an ongoing basis. The team is currently working to a four year programme.of work. 

The programme sets out  when the team will meet with relevant managers to review how well their service area is doing. During each review, called a service-assessment, the team are given access to any information they may need. They may also meet with other tenants or staff to get their opinions on the service, or they could ask our mystery shopping team to look into something for them.  At the end of the self- assessment the team will produce a report, which says how well they think the service is doing. The report may also include an action plan of improvements they would like us to carry out.

We have a team of tenant mystery shoppers, who can be asked to test any of our services on behalf of our scrutiny team or TOLD. Mystery shoppers will remain anonymous when making enquiries to us by phone, email or in person. They will note down how well we have performed and report back on their findings.

We sometimes set up “task and finish” working groups if we need to make changes to a service and need your input on the best way to do this. Working groups may meet once or a few times and can also include staff or councillors. At the end of the working group we would agree on any actions to be taken. 

We may set up a focus group to find out your views on a particular housing issue. We will then use your opinions to shape our future service to you.  

Two tenants from each of our sheltered schemes can attend our sheltered forum. The forum meets with our sheltered management team four times a year, to discuss issues that are important to sheltered housing.

Every year we hold a conference, to which you are all invited. As well as giving information on topical housing issues, there are practical workshops to take part in. We also have staff on hand to talk to, and display stands giving expert advice.  Food, drink and transport is provided and it’s all free!  

We may sometimes consult with you by telephone to find out your views on our services, or we may ring you to see if you are willing to be interviewed by one of our scrutiny team.

You will not be out of pocket anytime you choose to get involved. We can pay expenses such as transport costs and carers costs. We also offer free training and advice and help from our tenant participation workers.