Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategies

Reducing the incidence of homelessness and ending rough sleeping are priorities for both Lewes District & Eastbourne Borough Councils.

These strategies outline the Council’s approach to achieving this goal over the next five years, by setting out new strategic objectives and frameworks focused on preventing homelessness, intervening effectively when it occurs, and putting in place sustainable solutions to support re-housing options.  The associated delivery plan, which identifies the actions needed to implement the strategy, will be refreshed each year to help drive the work of our teams and delivery partners.

The strategies have been developed in line with requirements set out in the Homelessness Act 2002.  These place a legal responsibility on local authorities to undertake a two stage process of reviewing levels of homelessness in their district / borough, and then using the findings of that review to develop and publish a revised homelessness strategy every five years.