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Keeping your home safe


You can cut off your water supply by turning the stop-tap clockwise. Check the stop-tap every six months to make sure you can turn it on and off.


The control valve is always at the side or above the meter. Turn the valve clockwise to turn it off - the valve is closed when the line of the handle is across the pipe. Also please ensure that you allow our contractors to gain access to your property to carry out the annual Gas check, which is carried out for your safety. If you smell gas contact Transco on 0800 111 999.


The mains switch and fuses are in the electric meter cupboard.

Lost or Stolen Keys:

Please contact us and they will arrange for a contractor to regain entry for you and change the locks if necessary. Unless there are exceptional circumstances you will be recharged for this.


We recommend that all our residents have their own contents insurance as we DO NOT have insurance to cover your personal items.

Bogus callers:

All all our employees and contractors carry an identity badge with their name and photo on them. Do not let anyone into your home whose identity you cannot check. Contact us if you are unsure.

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