Street Communities Strategy

There have been increasingly visible changes in the numbers of people sleeping, drinking or begging on our streets in the last two years. 

The 'Street Communities Strategy 2018-2021' is designed as a starting point to address a number of concerns which local people and agencies have identified in Eastbourne and Lewes district. The strategy sets out the councils’ approach to the issues covered and an overarching action plan to address these through close working with our many statutory, voluntary and private sector partners in response to these concerns.

The strategy has been developed in discussion with local stakeholders and provides a starting point for further discussion and action planning for the new Eastbourne and Lewes Street Communities Partnership.

It also reflects the Government’s ‘Rough sleeping strategy: prevention, intervention, recovery’, published in August 2018 and will contribute to its core aims of halving rough sleeping by 2022 and ending it by 2027.