Lewes bonfire

This year bonfire night celebrations take place in Lewes town on 4th November as the 5th falls on a Sunday. Bonfire is organised by the town's seven Bonfire Societies, and is not organised or run by Lewes District Council. Lewes Bonfire Council acts as a forum for the Bonfire Societies.

As the event falls on a Saturday so we expect even more visitors to the town than usual. Please pay particular attention to our advice below about safety and transport and think carefully before deciding whether to attend.

Lewes District Council's involvement in bonfire night

We work with partners including Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue, East Sussex County Council and British Transport Police to ensure the safety of those attending the event. Our waste and recycling team work through the night to ensure the town is clean and tidy for the following day.

The event is not suitable for children

We want to ensure the safety of those attending the event and it is important to be aware the event is not suited to children. We strongly advise people with young families to attend an organised firework display close to where they live.

Getting in and out of Lewes will be very difficult

With its narrow streets and limited access into and out of town, Lewes is not set up to handle large crowds. Visitors to Lewes should be aware of the practical difficulties they will experience in getting transport to and from the event.

We strongly advise wearing ear protectors and eye defenders

We are advising people to take responsibility for their own safety. We work with the Bonfire Societies and other agencies to reduce accidents at Lewes Bonfire. In previous years there has been a problem with 'rookies' causing serious eye injuries. We are keen to promote the use of eye protectors (and ear defenders). We strongly discourage the throwing or dropping of fireworks either in the crowds or in the processions.