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Beach huts and chalets

 Find out about beach huts and chalets in Seaford and Eastbourne.

In between Seaford Head and the Martello Tower are sixty beach huts. Ten of these are owned by Seaford Town Council and are leased to Seaford residents. The beach is less than a stone's throw away and they are adjacent to a kiosk and toilets. There is plenty of parking nearby and they are just a five minute walk from the town centre.

Due to the high desirability of the beach huts they are usually all occupied. However any Seaford residents wishing to place their name on the waiting list or gain further details should contact Seaford Town Council on 01323 894870 or admin@seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk.

Seaford Town Council has more information about the beach huts at Seaford.

Beach hut casual lets

During the summer you can book one of our beach huts on a weekly or daily basis. Please contact us for availability.

Beach hut long term lets

Beach huts for long term lets are situated on the Grand Parade, Holywell and Sovereign beaches. Some have decking in front of the huts.

The new huts on the Sovereign beaches are extra large and equipped with a kitchenette, running water, electricity (via a prepay meter). Licences are offered for a minimum period of 12 months.

Beach chalets long term lets

Beach chalets at Holywell offer you a safe area close to the sea for you and your family to use as a daytime base. Each chalet has cold running water and a gas hob.

We have a waiting list for long term lets for beach huts and chalets.

Find out more information and prices on beach huts and chalets on VisitEastbourne's beach huts and chalets webpage which has the latest beach huts leaflet.

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