Council enforcement crackdown on ''appalling eyesore''

Lewes District Council's enforcement officers targeted a site in Newhaven recently after the location was turned into a "horrendous blot on the landscape" and occupied by abusive squatters who regularly harassed neighbouring residents.

With rubbish piled up alongside a dilapidated caravan and other vehicles and equipment, the council served an enforcement notice to clear the site that was subsequently ignored. In response the council served an Injunction Order that was also disobeyed.

Councillor Stephen Gauntlett, Cabinet Member for Planning, said: "The impact of this appalling eyesore was made worse by the anti-social behaviour of those living on the site. Their behaviour was making life a misery for those living nearby.

"I'm delighted that our officers have acted decisively to remove all evidence of what had become an horrendous blot on the landscape."

The landowner now has a charge on the land for the costs of the work to clear the site.

Councillor Gauntlett added: "I hope this action sends a clear message that we will not tolerate anyone who treats our district with such utter contempt. The law can be a frustration when it takes longer than we would like to achieve the outcome we all want, but whatever the challenges involved our resolve will not waiver."