Councillors ask drivers in Lewes district to switch off engines

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image of councillors asking driver to switch off engines
Cllrs Tony Rowell, Isabelle Linington, Steve Saunders

Councillors at Lewes District Council are encouraging drivers who find themselves in queues of traffic or simply waiting for passengers, to turn off their engines and help reduce air pollution.

Anti-idling signs are going up in the centre of Lewes and around the Newhaven ring road and on approaching roads to the town.

Cllr Isabelle Linington, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said:

“The science shows that turning engines off then restarting after one minute, causes less pollution and uses less fuel than keeping the engine running.

“Congestion is a problem for virtually every town and city in the UK.  If we can encourage more drivers to switch off when they are stationary it will help reduce air pollution, and that’s something we can all support.” 

There are approximately 40,000 deaths per year attributable to outdoor air pollution linked to exposure to nitrogen dioxide & fine particulates. The most vulnerable groups are children, the elderly and those with respiratory/cardiovascular disease.

Published 14 November 2017