Councillors welcome success of shared council services in Lewes district and Eastbourne

A report outlining the advanced progress of Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council to introduce shared services has been welcomed by Cabinet councillors.
Entitled ‘Stronger Together’, the strategy has culminated in a combined workforce and one senior management team delivering services across both councils.
Phases 1 and 2 of the transformation programme achieved £2.8m of savings and efficiencies, with another £400,000 saved in phase three.
Councillor Elayne Merry, Deputy Leader of Lewes District Council, said:
“I am immensely proud of how far we have come and what has been achieved in a relatively short space of time.  
“Since we approved the joint transformation programme in 2016 we have reconfigured the majority of council services and have shared teams working seamlessly in Lewes and in Eastbourne. 
“Most critically of all, the frontline services that residents rely on have been protected.  And having learned so much from the process so far we are now ready to implement phase three.”
Phase three will focus on corporate functions such as finance, audit, legal and HR.  The implementation costs will be shared equally between Lewes and Eastbourne.
Councillor Merry added:
“We’ve created two much stronger and more resilient organisations that can operate strategically in the region while maintaining the sovereignty of each council. 
“Underpinning this is our use of the latest technology and business modelling to align services precisely to local needs, allowing us to meet the expectations of customers.”

The report was considered by Eastbourne Borough Council on October 24 at Eastbourne Town Hall.

Published 30 October 2018