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Lewes District Council contributes to ‘extremely important’ report on councils achieving net zero

Image of Cllr Zoe Nicholson
Cllr Zoe Nicholson

The Deputy Leader of Lewes District Council has played a key role in the drafting of a new report into how local government should be empowered to fund clean growth projects and lead the drive to hit net zero in local communities.

Mapping a route to clean local growth – clearing the path to net zero’, published by the thinktank Localis, calls on central government to raise the floor of support to help councils deliver a decarbonised local economy and to remove the ceiling on their ambition.

Councillor Zoe Nicholson, Deputy Leader of Lewes District Council, said: “I was delighted to be part of the advisory panel and use the opportunity to talk about how the council has put community wealth building along with the climate crisis at the heart of our corporate plan.

“The report is extremely important and most timely, particularly at a time when public sector funding is yet again being cut, yet the transformative change needed to alleviate the damage of climate has never been greater.”

The report also says that council local plans should set out how each area is to be decarbonised, for instance by demanding the highest energy efficiency standards and setting out a timetable for retrofit.

Councillor Nicholson added: “Many of the recommendations in the report mirror much of the work we are implementing across Lewes district, not least our partnership with Brighton University to retrofit and decarbonise council housing.”

To view a copy of the Localis report please visit www.localis.org.uk