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Lewes District Council 'putting sustainability front and centre'

Cabinet councillors at Lewes District Council have today (5 December 2018) reinforced the authority’s environmental credentials by adopting a new sustainability policy and committing £25,000 to a feasibility study into new energy generation.

These latest steps follow a number of council initiatives including the introduction of a highly successful new recycling scheme, proposals to expand the electric vehicle charging network, new town centre recycling bins, support for the free drinking water campaign ‘Refill’ and tree-planting to help prevent flooding on the River Ouse.

 Councillor Isabelle Linington, Cabinet Member for Environmental Impact, said:

“I’m proud of what we have achieved so far but there will be no resting on laurels on my watch.  The council is putting sustainability front and centre in all we do.

“Every one of us has a role to play in the guardianship of the environment and that responsibility is felt most keenly by my council colleagues and myself.

“Adopting the sustainability policy is very important, it confirms our determination to work in harmony with the environment and to this end our interest in low carbon energy solutions is absolutely key.”

Cabinet also agreed to commission a study into whether a business case exists for the use of the latest sustainable energy technology across two council projects, the new health hub in Seaford and the planned Waste Depot in Avis Way in Newhaven.

Councillor Linington added:

“The modest investment needed to assess the potential offered at these two sites will pale into insignificance if we are able to deliver cleaner and greener energy, reducing high electricity costs, possibly storing renewable energy and selling any surplus to other users.”

The feasibility study will be project managed by Clear Futures, a procurement and delivery framework that is used for developing long-term solutions to sustainability challenges. It was developed by Lewes District Council, Eastbourne Borough Council, AECOM and Robertson.  

Published 6 December 2018