Lewes lottery boost for local good causes

Cabinet councillors at Lewes District Council have agreed to introduce a new lottery with proceeds benefitting local good causes.

With weekly draws and tickets costing £1, one lucky winner matching six numbers will scoop a jackpot of £20,000.

The online ticket buying technology will also allow good causes to set up their own web page where their supporters can buy tickets and as a result receive the resulting profits that are generated.  It is estimated that the overall pay-out to good causes could reach £78,000 a year.

Councillor Elayne Merry, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for People and Performance, said:

“The national lottery has shown what huge benefits this type of fundraising can bring.  Lives have been transformed and while the proceeds will be more modest in the district, smaller amounts of money can make a big difference to a local good cause.”

Players will be able to pick their numbers or have them selected randomly.  Matching six numbers is worth £20,000, five numbers £1,000, four numbers £100, three numbers £10 and for two numbers the player will win three free tickets.

Councillor Merry added:

“UK law requires that 20% of the proceeds of any lottery goes towards good causes, but I’m delighted that in Lewes 60% will help local people and organisations.”

Councillor Sarah Osborne, Leader of the Opposition Group, said:

“Voluntary and community groups in our district play a vital role by giving immense support to people who need it most.  The impact of cuts in central government funding to the council also affects this sector and their capacity to continue with their invaluable work.

“I am really pleased that the council will now put this lottery in place as it will give projects in the district the means to raise funds, helping them to become more resilient.”

Published 13 November 2017